Bangladesh acheives top position on yellow journalism:CNN iReport

Bangladesh acheives top position on yellow journalism

Dhaka, Bangladesh:Today media is the important factor for media terrorism. But in Bangladesh everything is happening in the direction of some special government official. First let me introduce you the situation. Almost 90% of the channel of Bangladesh is run by ruling party. Minister to top level parliamentarian have 2 to 3 tv channel. These channels are expert to furnish, fabricate, falsified the whole picture. I have not believe until yesterday what i have seen. I lives in Bnanani and i am out of my house for local bazaar. Suddenly a channel named Ekattor a very popular tv channel in Bangladesh reporting a news. They are asking the strike condition to the local street walker. The people on the street waiting for 2 hour for any bus, rickshaw, taxi etc. But in strike of Bangladesh Nationalist Party there is nothing seen. But Ekattor tv camera person tv asked “There are lots of vehicle on the street? Do you think this strike is success?” The people replied yes we have less problem strike. Another incident happened that whenever some buses or rickshaw was seen in street the rush to show that there is no strike going on.

Second point is all the Bangladeshi local tv channel now arranger talk show for recent political condition. These political talk shows are extremely fabricated in favor of government leaders. Suppose if you have called a opposition party leader then the presenter in rush of harassing the opposition party by personal attack. One day I was watching talk show on Ekattor tv channel where the guests are opposition part chiefs adviser and on parliament are present. The presenter from Ekattor tv was nobonita chowdhury. She asked the opposition party chief adviser “How much bloodshed will Khaleda do to come to power?” I was thunder by the question by this presenter. A journalist can’t be politically corrupted and she cannot be motivated by any political standard. The question she asked about is three time priminister Begum Khaleda Zia. She is also the chief opposition leader. She is actually doing personal attack.
There are 50 above Bangladeshi news channel and almost 90% is corrupted by government. Report have been found that these channel is run by Indian secret killing agency RAW. They want to insult the opposition party at any cost. Other thing makes me astonished recently. An tv channel talk show one poet said “Today hartal happening and journalist are publishing falsified news they should be punished.” This made some news channel like Ekattor become very angry. I saw suddenly their presenter Samia Rhaman in talk show asked informational minister Hasanul Haq Inu to arrest the Poet Farhad Mazhar and the police arrested him.
Now let me introduce you some of the corrupted news channel in Bangladesh: Ekattor tv is the most corrupted news media in country. Public are so bored against this channel that they protested against this channel in front of press club. This channel is owned by Mozammel Babu, who is a journalist and influential trade unionist. Babu is known in the society as pro-Awami League journalist, who managed to get the broadcast license for launching this television channel, when Awami League came to power Babu is awarded with crown of best journalist. These ekattor tv presenter are total mischief creator. Sometimes peoples say ekattor tv is taking government decision against opposition party whom to arres or whom to leave etc. Ekattor tv presenter are so politicized that if I don’t tell about the this report will not be completed.
Tv presenter nononita chowdhury is so politically motivated by awami league that whatever she says it insult the opposition party. She is so biased to Awamileague why doesn’t she join and take nomination of awami league? Her insult is so dangerous that Oppositions party chairpersons Begum Khaleda Zia face its brutality.
Another name in Ekattor tv is Samia Rahman. She is the presente of banned tv channel in 2002 by government. She is taking personal revenge against the opposition party.
Now come to another news channel;
Somoy tv: Somoy tv is run by a minister of Sheikh Hasina cabinet. These tv channels all the program is politicized and corrupted. The fabricated the whole news and edited the video to show against the opposition party.
Deshtv: Desh tv is the most corrupted tv channel in Bangladesh. It is the channel of destiny group. This destiny group is the bank loan defaulters of 4000 crore taka. They are now with government mission to insult the opposition party.
At last I can say there are hardly any channels that are not corrupted. The government banned two independent news channels on 5th May. They were broadcasting live of hefajat Islam killing on Dhaka motijheel Shapla Chattor. The name of the channel was Diganta and Islamic tv. Information minister Hasanul Haq Inu was the criminal mastermind behind the scene. The total channels of Bangladesh are totally corrupted and they are creating falsified news to international media.
The international media at least should boycott these channel which are fully fabricated by Bangladeshi government. The government fabricated channel name is BTV, BTV world and Songsod Bangladesh.

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